General Training guide 10-200 09/01/12

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General Training guide 10-200 09/01/12 Empty General Training guide 10-200 09/01/12

Post  Nivernel on 2012-09-22, 7:44 pm

Okay, I'm going to give you a general training guide which does not include training spots for non-busy training areas, elemental weakness areas, class specific training areas, mobbing vs 1v1 areas, etc. I'm going to give you the most efficient way to train fast. (not including deadline fast)
While on trains / boats / planes you can go do something else, for example: watch youtube.

General Training guide 10-200 09/01/12 Pirates

10-14 Yellow Starfish

14-16 Angry Starfish

16-23 Jellyfish / Cool Jellyfish

23-30 Skeletons / Blue or Zombie mushmom

30-46 Greatest Oldies / Latest Hits Compilation (Cd's)

40+ Extreme monster park (Takes 100 ticket pieces per run once you run out of tickets, need more info.)

46-50 Scarecrows

50-60 Dimensional Schism Party Quest

60-70 Twisted Jesters

70-110 Alien Miner / Alien Cog (Will need Mystic Door, Monsters are lv95 so you can wait till later to decide to go.)

100+ Evolution Lab Link 3

110-160 Lion King's Castle (LHC)

160-179 SDH (Second Drill Hall) I would recommend not leeching here due to there not being any ropes or ladders. If under Lv171 I would also recommend attacking every monster on the map once before your party kills them. (to bypass no party experience due to large lvl difference between you and the monsters)

179-200 HoH (Hall of Honor) Be cautious when training here the monsters hit very hard and it is very easy to die or run out of potions, come prepared! Also as a side note, Magic Guard is somewhat glitched in this area and you ONLY take mp damage! hooray for mages! ^^

    Notes: If you arent very mobile or a good mobbing class then you could stay at jesters or pq until Lv80 and go to mp3 until you think you are ready for Aliens.
  • At Lv110 you can either stay at aliens or do pq's to Lv120, LHC is not very friendly due to it being a party play only area meaning whoever is the leader of an expedition will easily switch you out with somebody else for either buffs, or simply because they do more damage than you making this a very frustrating area to train in.

  • also dont forget that there are pre quests for the areas at Future henesys and the easiest way to get around is through mystic door.

I will continue to update this guide as necessary. I hope I helped you with your training troubles.

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General Training guide 10-200 09/01/12 Empty Re: General Training guide 10-200 09/01/12

Post  FixedMEss on 2012-11-04, 12:51 am

For an idea 90 to i dunno maybe higher than 125 but certainly to that there you could go kill Aliens in ABC 5 through 6. No other solo-able mob will give you a consistent 3000 exp per kill with as little dmg as they do. Hell most things at 127 mob level are still only giving 2.1k exp per kill. I would be willing to bet (since i haven't even seen a level 130 Mob yet) that 130 to 135 wouldn't even give 3k exp. So for SOLO-able content, stick with the cogs

The only thing i could say about going with something with a lower rate of EXP is that you will get Drops of Armor, Recipes and the all mighty Mesos, which the Alien Cogs and Miners woefully lack.

Now as a Side thing to kill if you get absolutely bored out of your gourd on Aliens and such, you can do the Azwan supply mode fight and for 1 hour you can fight things your level that are EXP high for the level. Of course they have to be considering they drop NO loot (save for HP / MP consumables) and NO Mesos .....

This is useful for Any class consideration.

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General Training guide 10-200 09/01/12 Empty Re: General Training guide 10-200 09/01/12

Post  Geassblade on 2012-11-04, 9:44 am

However, At 110 Lion Heart Castle is the best choice because with a party of 6 you get 300% exp. Even if you only get 1k exp per mob, you end up getting a grand total of 4,000 exp. As well as the fact that you do get more then 1,000 exp at LHC. All you have to do is use an AoE familiar and you get more and more exp. Jr. Boggie is a great choice because it also gives Mp back to you. LHC is most effective at lower levels because of the experience boost. The best thing to do is just grind out LHC as much as you can until 165. It may get dreadfully boring but events have been giving exp boosts. You could also activate a family exp boost for 45 minutes. Even having/making a Mercedes can be a huge help. I would not recommend Aliens after 110 because of one simple fact. Maplestories Population is just.... So Temperamental. You could be left alone one day, and the next day several people are saying your shouldn't be training.
In short. The guide is fine. I should add an Exp Booster Guide.... God knows I went through tons of them im my day.

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General Training guide 10-200 09/01/12 Empty Re: General Training guide 10-200 09/01/12

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