Most Iconic Games I've played in their genre

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Most Iconic Games I've played in their genre Empty Most Iconic Games I've played in their genre

Post  Xyrogenic on 2018-09-09, 12:04 am

DISCLAIMER: This is not a top games list of any sorts whatsoever, I am only pointing out games that I believe to be a main / first impact on traits that I find desirable in other games. (on second note, I'll have to finish this later.)

Alright lets start this list off with the most impactful game in my life, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance.

This was the first REAL game, actual depth, story, characters, detail, the most captivating game that meant the most to me. besides this, the only games I knew were Bugdom on our mac, and some toy story racing game on my gameboy that I couldnt figure out how to even play(basically a driving simulator with no clear goal objective or stimuli as far as I was concerned).
I should also probably point out that the only way I got to play this game was when visiting my uncle, which we would then play it together.
Though now it seems that it was quite short, and not too much content now that I'm older, this spearheaded my craving for RPG elements, and story depth.

Next off the game that I spent my own money on despite not having a console capable of playing it; Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2! (any surprise here? xd)

yeah yeah this one has to be crazy obvious since it's a direct successor to the first one that I cared so much for, but this one does a really good job and has more content for everything.




The Legend of Zelda: OOT, Twilight Princess

Pokemon Emerald



Halo 2, Reach, 4.

Rush 2

Final Fantasy VIII, X, Crisis Core,

The Last of Us

The Walking Dead

Inspiration for my future projects:

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2
Pokemon Emerald

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