Some ways that I make money

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Some ways that I make money Empty Some ways that I make money

Post  Xyrogenic on 2018-05-17, 8:25 am

So... I'm no expert on making money... I'm actually quite far behind everybody else, and frequently see people passing my position. but perhaps that's just due to the vicious P2W nature of NX...
Here's some different ways that I make my money.

Pianus: Expect 10m~ if you clear all 20 channels This has been a really good way for me to level up my legion characters from 100-140, and they respawn fairly quickly which is a very nice bonus. (40~ minutes?)
Mutant Ribbon Pigs: Expect 100m~ per hour? (based on drop rate) recently noticed while training some of my legion characters that I was getting Mutant Ribbon Pigs fairly frequently when training and they sell for a really nice price... if you can boost your drop rate, this may be a pretty nice way to make money.
Daily Bossing(Intense Power Crystal): Based heavily on range, number of characters, and time willing to spend. 10m~? This is something that I should be doing more frequently, since I make around 30m on my Xenon with 1m~ range, and around 1~5m~ for every other character. if you can get boss carries then you dont need to have high range as much.
Events: This entirely depends on what event is in progress. I can't give you an average, and the cap for some entirely depends on just how much you're willing to commit. This was how I originally made a fortune to work with, doing attendance events and selling gear from the unique potential scrolls. though I've also made 6~8b or more from maplehood watch [A] nebulites (but a heavy gamble since you need premium fusion tickets).
Stalking Gachers: These guys frequently drop so much stuff of value since they're always running out of inventory space. no average or maximum money. Don't beg they don't like it. nobody does. always make a fair offer if you see that they get something you want. otherwise they will be reluctant to drop anything at all.

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