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New Class(fanmade) Empty New Class(fanmade)

Post  Xyrogenic on 2017-11-11, 12:53 pm

Beryl(Xenoroid type 2) overview:
Class: Resistance
Equipment type: Thief
Primary Weapon: Scythe
Secondary Weapon: Neck Guard
Primary Stat: All / Dex
Link Skill: ??? / Critical Damage / Cooldown -%(Cannot dip below 1s)
MAPLE UNION EFFECT: ??? / Reduce Skill Cooldown +2/3/4/5/6%

1st Job Skills
Propulsion Burst(Xenon:Propulsion Burst)

2nd Job Skills
Grapple(Rope Climb)
Rangefinder:When attacking nearby enemies, increases your critical damage. When attacking far away enemies, increases your Ignore Defense Rate.(Marksman : Rangefinder)

3rd Job Skills

4th Job Skills
Critical Laser (Marksman: Snipe)
Whirlwind (Xenon: Blade Dance)
Cross Strikes(Xenon:Quicksilver:Flash)(Larger radius, faster execution, more enemies hit)

Hyper Skills
143:Critical Laser : Cooldown cutter -100%

5th Job Skills

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