Crimsonwood keep pq [Cwkpq]

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Crimsonwood keep pq [Cwkpq] Empty Crimsonwood keep pq [Cwkpq]

Post  Nivernel on 2012-09-09, 7:27 pm

Paladin - Charged Blow
Hero - Shout / Brandish
Dragon Knight - Dragon Fury / Dragon Buster
Demon Slayer - Dark Thrust / Soul Eater
Aran - Smart Knockback / Rolling Spin
Archer - Strafe, Silver Hawk,Golden Eagle [Mercedes:Piercing Storm] Wh Cannot Fully activate all sigils in the pq.
il mage - Ice Strike
fp mage - Explosion
Bishop - Magic Claw / Bahamut
Evan - Earthquake
Battle Mage - Quintuple Blow / 5x Blow
Night Lord - Shadow Partner / Avenger
Shadower - Chakra, BoT, Meso Explosion or Shadow Partner
Bucc - Flash Fist, Dragon Strike, or Transform
Sair - Rapid Fire / Gaviota
Mechanic - Rocket Punch / Atomic Hammer
Cannoneer - Barrel Roll / Scatter Shot
Crimsonwood keep pq [Cwkpq] Pq_084
Crimsonwood keep pq [Cwkpq] Pq_08de
Crimsonwood keep pq [Cwkpq] Pq_089dwd

More info coming soon on last part before the bosses.


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Crimsonwood keep pq [Cwkpq] Empty Re: Crimsonwood keep pq [Cwkpq]

Post  Geassblade on 2012-11-07, 7:22 pm

Don't forget everyone. You need at least two of each class to complete it efficiently. Having one of each is a risk because if one person dies or gets disconnected then you have just wasted one run for the Twenty-Four hour period. It's best to do it with people you know because rewards are a bit tricky. In my experience you to have who ever gets a Mark of Narcarian log out because the reward room is crowded even when you have six people go in.

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