Why Modding is crucial (Consoles)

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Why Modding is crucial (Consoles) Empty Why Modding is crucial (Consoles)

Post  Xyrogenic on 2017-05-21, 5:06 pm

Modding is a superpower beneficial to both good and evil, and something that seems malicious can also be used for good intent.

HDD game booting - by default this (if even available) is completely DRM locked to prevent any sort of piracy, if your system has backwards compatibility you will likely need to re-buy your game for access to playing from the HDD.

Life extension - Adding features and content to a device/software long after support is dropped renders the device/software immortal.

Homebrew - I can sympathize with trying to remove toxic players from your environment, trying to protect your security and information, but homebrew is for more than just the malicious and adds so much more to everything. from making your own games, to adding more resources for the system to use.

I'll have to dive deeper, this was just on my mind since my friend asked me why I want a console version that has security holes in it...

When I have more time I will list some decent or exceptional examples of when modding has been used with good intent and been successful.

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