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Post  Xyrogenic on 2017-05-09, 1:02 am

Right Hand Functions: from what I've seen either: ABXY, or Cross, Cricle, Square, and Triangle. All of the versions I've tried all seem pretty much the same, with 360 maybe being just barely the slightest bit better.

Triggers(R2,L2,): I prefer the variable value triggers that the xbox 360 controllers have, however I would like them improved with hall sensors for life expectancy reasons. Another possible improvement would be a default "off" position for complete drift prevention. (Think dials that "click" when you turn them off. Though much lighter and easy to slide past.)

Bumpers(R1,L1,): these aren't too significant, however I like having some tactile feel to these buttons.

D-Pad: I have two ideas for this, maybe stemming from Microsoft's inter-changing d-pad... my first idea is a hall sensor that detects how close you are to 8 different points, purely an idea for longevity. my second idea is swappable mechanical switches (like a keyboard). I might have some more input after I get my hands on more d-pad versions.

Analog Buttons: definitely definitely definitely want some good tactile feel for these buttons, after wearing out and becoming "mushy" I hate using these buttons.

Analogs: I'm in love with the longevity of PS3s Hall Effect analogs, pop in another springs and some lubricant and you're good to go, easy fix. Though maybe work on them just a little, once that plastic disc is done you're going to have a much harder time fixing it.

Back/Select: Not used too often, but definitely in the group that needs more tactile feeling.

Start: Not used too often, but definitely in the group that needs more tactile feeling.

Custom OS Button: This is quite a tricky one... I like the Xbox's LED ring, the PS3 isnt bad either with a more technical look(non-lit button, profile lights on top)... people do prefer to have lighting than to not have, perhaps put the lights on the handles of the controller extending maybe to the top. RGB LED would look great, then you could select profile colors. just realized that I got off-track, as far as how these buttons function they are just fine, but the bigger and stylized button for Xbox stands out and is nice. This button should be unique. Logo button.

Gyroscope: Havnt had much/any experience with this, looks great for VR headsets, but I just dont see it for a controller.

Optical Sensor:

Controller Power: an independent button for this function would be greatly appreciated. perhaps located on the back of the controller somewhere... like a reset button. (so that you dont press it accidentally?)


Wireless Quality: Apparently the PS3 controllers didnt always sync too well? if you're going to have wireless either give the user the option to swap with 3rd parties for better quality, or make sure it already has really good quality. and P.S. we've been wireless for a long long long time now, it's practically required.

Wireless type: Please please please make sure you're using a wireless type that is used by other common devices so that we can use these controllers elsewhere without needing a unique adapter specific to only your controllers.

Additional Connection ports: Micro-USB(Whatever charges fastest, data includes headsets(just in case) along with keyboard.),

3.5mm(is nice since that's the common connector type, but isnt necessary. Including stereo would give developers the option to select audio channel based on other player's location in relation to the main player~), is there anymore that can be added? I was thinking that these ports could be located either on the back of the controller with swiveling ports, or the bottom of the controller with an additional micro usb on top explicitly for charging.

Construction Material: Please use a good core material, and give people an official option to upgrade the shells or "Pro" controllers with highest grade material at checkout. good screws, good threads. I've noticed with some controllers that after you take them apart once, the screws chew the hell out of the threads they go into and eventually fail. usually tiny screws and tiny threads. need bigger(More material surrounding the threads) threads and longer screws. Aim big and use metal inserts for the threads.

Common Mods: Mods that I think would be pretty cool to see are: Activity lights around all of the buttons(turn on when the button is pressed, or if you're using turbo have them blink), Value meters for value controls such as analogs or triggers. and swappable parts like the thumbsticks or button pieces.

Rumble: this is a pretty long stretch but I would imagine that it's possible to have the controller communicate rumble wirelessly to accessories such as arm bands, chairs, headsets, etc. maybe even over it's micro usb connection.


This list will only include my opinion on the best of each console. bias included. and also only includes home consoles by the leading companies.



Xbox 360:
Right Hand Functions: A, B, X, Y, Membrane type, Rubber portion incredibly easy to replace.

Triggers(R2,L2,): Significantly preferable yet could use improvement; -/+ 0-100 potentiometer signal w/ springs for returning to default position. could face same life expectancy problem as analogs though I've never had that problem with them. difficult/impossible to replace/fix. could be improved with a hall sensor.

Bumpers(R1,L1,): Mechanical switch button type, easy to replace, flimsy plastic buttons. needs improvement, maybe swap the plastic for metal or make the plastic piece larger for sturdiness.

D-Pad: Membrane Type, 4 contacts, insignificant(Could be better, could use a Hall sensor to detect position?), Rubber portion incredibly easy to replace.

Analog Buttons: Mechanical switch button type, easy to replace.

Analogs: Dual 10k Potentiometer attached to a small lubricated plastic disc for automatic centering. Very poor life expectancy during heavy use, difficult/impossible to replace/fix.

Back/Select: Small, Membrane type, insignificant. Rubber portion incredibly easy to replace.

Start: Small, Membrane type, insignificant. Rubber portion incredibly easy to replace.

Custom OS Button: Guide Button, 4 LED indicators for player position / controller sync, Membrane type, Rubber portion incredibly easy to replace.

Gyroscope: N/A

Optical Sensor: N/A

Controller Power: Guide button through console connection. (Since the batteries are easily removable you could just quickly disconnect them)

Batteries: 2x AA batteries, or NIMh 2x AA cell battery pack. User-accessible, easy to replace, take up a significant portion of space increasing the overall beefiness of the controller. Could be improved via offering an accessible slot for Li-ion batteries including room to spare and a plastic adapter, default batteries would probably not fill the maximum space, and the idea is that you could use a common phone battery in it's place(using an adapter for that size battery).

Wireless Quality: Decent, 30~ Ft, no complaints.

Wireless type: proprietary 2.4 GHz protocol, could be improved via more adaptable wireless type such as Bluetooth.

Additional Connection ports: 2.5mm voice / Custom data connection. Frustrating custom connector / non-common voice connector, could be improved via using more adaptable connectors/USB type connector, maybe even better port placement.

Construction Material: Opaque controllers seem really sturdy, Special Torx security screws, translucent controllers break very easily. Could be improved via offering of higher quality material / DIY official shell kits.

Common Mods: rapid button cycles, input translation, custom art, light mods such as LED color change, light-up buttons or overall controller luminescence, and shell material swap.

Xbox 1:


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