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What about OS? Empty What about OS?

Post  Nivernel on 2015-11-06, 2:10 am

Windows 7 is by far my favorite OS, and all the nice features of Windows 10 will not change that, however Windows 7 probably wont always be available and there's no guarantee that the next OS after Windows 10 will be able to correct it's predecessors fatal flaws. for anybody thinking of buying an OS I recommend either buying Windows 7, or going with Linux. Linux is another amazing OS and the biggest kicker is that it's free! (except for a few things that most probably dont know; such as having to buy the software to run DVD movies...) it's a bit of a learning curve, and wont look exactly like what you're used to (doi), it also has some flaws that can be a bit of a headache and definitely not worth the time for people that arent interested in some computer learning. However anybody can work on the OS to make it better, and it will still be free. So even if you decide to go with Windows 7, and if you are capable of programming, I think it would be great if you put time in to Linux to correct the features you wanted, and to make it a more available option for people later when they have to make this same decision.

note: Sorry for any grammar flaws, I just wanted to write this from the top of my head. I must keep posting! I said that I would. Lol

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