Help: Converting headset from battery to USB

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Help: Converting headset from battery to USB

Post  Xyrogenic on 2015-10-26, 4:32 am

This is giving me an absolute headache and I keep trying to find out how to do it but I always end up giving up because I cant find information relevant to my use, or there's some small hang-up.

I'm trying to swap out a 3.9v(edit: 3.7v!) battery inside of my headset with a usb cable, but I know I can't just do that directly because usb is 5v. I've looked around and found some things that look like they would work but then I find out there has to be a difference of like 1.3v or 1.6v (I need 1.1v(edit: 1.3v!)), I did find this
But I dont know what to do with it. (or even if it's exactly what I need)

if anybody could help me out that would be great.

Edit: I'm going to add some links to stuff I've found before but was still uncertain

I found this and it really seems close to what I need

Edit: I found a breadboard power converter that can convert up to 0.5v from the input so I think I've solved my issue! when I finish my project I'll make a detailed post so that people dont have to search as much as I did!

This is what I'm modifying


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