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Post  Nivernel on 2014-01-25, 12:22 am

This post only goes over what I've tried so far, as I try these across different weapons and armors I will post the results in the descriptions. I will try to keep this post organized as possible but I wont be dedicating much of my time to it. Just playing around with the website. Smile

000CD089 -Disarm 3 Shout- (VoiceDisarmEffect03) Enchanted to your weapon knocks enemies held weapon out of their hand when their weapon is struck by your weapon. {Dragon Priest Dagger}

000C5BE1 -Bound Bow FX- (EnchBoundBowFX) Daedric bow shaped, looks good on Daedric bow, clips with other weapons. {Daedric Bow}

000A0366 -Ice Form- (VoiceIceFormEffect) Adds pretty shattering ice crystals to hit effect on enemies when enchanted to your weapon. {Long Bow}

000E4CB6 -Lightning Bolt Call Storm- (ShockDamageBoltStormAimed) Adds nice electrical discharge effect to your enemies when they are hit by your weapon, unsure if it adds damage or not, the damage should be equal to your enchanting level if so. {Long Bow}

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