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Pirate / Bucc Revamp ideas Empty Pirate / Bucc Revamp ideas

Post  Nivernel on 2012-10-14, 4:17 am

Pirate / Bucc Revamp ideas Pirate10
So here I am posting my Ideas for a Bucc revamp, yes I know we already got a revamp but sadly I disagree with what we got, so I am going to post my own ideas and work on them so that they seem fair to the rest of the community.
So we all know that pirates got revamped in v.115 "Mutiny" update, The update saddens me though, since the time that I had started playing I was always inspired by the pirate class, starting when a Marauder named RyanIIX saved me from my early fate stuck in Sleepywood with no way out, doing Dojo with my friend RyanIIX, being inspired as he defeated Alishar. Pirates have always inspired me, these were in my newbish days when I didn't know how to train... in an attempt to achieve my goal as soon as possible I made a Blaze wizard knowing that I would get meteor shower at Lv100 instead of Lv120, and that these skills were considered over powered and were ultimate skills for leaching another character. unfortunately shortly after the Visitor event I met my early end to that dream when I got hacked, in the highest of my peak I lost it all. I quit immediately without a word just shutting off maple and continuing my day as if nothing happened. Though I came back when I heard about Big Bang, the update that would make training a thing of the past and make my goal ever closer. Though I didn't want to go back to Scania, for Scania was much too overpopulated, so I started a new life in the new server, Zenith. I was especially excited about the new server since you would get a bandana with +18 all stats at Level 70 for free! so I made myself a Pirate once again heading for the dream I once had. astonishingly I hit level 70 quite fast and thought... well I liked my ice lightning mage as well I might as well make an i/l mage and get the hat on him as well! so I did, yet there was still time in the event for ANOTHER hat and Battle mages would be released soon... yay for dark bishops! ^^ in the end I got 3 Zenith Bandanas. anyways lets skip the rest and get to the point, after alot of hard work and 36% str when I was finally getting close to my goal, Nexon revamped the pirates. Playing as a post big bang Buccaneer was hard, we were weaker than the other classes people didnt care for us and our skills just werent cutting it. we NEEDED a revamp, but what Nexon gave us... was a new life with something different... they traded our styles for damage and slight mobility, We no longer deserved the name "Brawler" we are now wannabe mages it seems... I tried posting this before but got swamped with work and was unable to finish before my post was locked and further development was halted. so I'm back to finish what a started and hopefully finish it right.

Dash [Removed]
After intense pirate training your movement speed, jump, and maximum movement speed have increased. Passive Skill.

Double Shot
Fires two consecutive shots at the enemy. Active Skill.
Level 20: MP -7, Damage: 165%, Range: 380

Attacks a monster nearby 6 times in quick succession. The targeted monster is stunned until the attack is complete.
Level 20: MP -14, Number of attacks: 6, Damage: 60%
ms delay = animation duration
2015 edit: I think the ms delay should be just slightly longer to prevent i-frame abuse...Do i-frames even count anymore? dont bosses inflict % damage that ignores all immunities now?...actually I probably need to modify a lot of the i-frames on these skills... it would be pretty lame to be able to just sit at the feet of a boss spamming one skill without having to worry about taking damage.

Somersault Kick
A devastating kick that accompanies a backward summersault. Attacks 6 enemies in the vicinity. Active Skill.
Level 10: Damage 305%, Max Monsters Hit: 6
Normal Mutiny revamp

Bullet Time [NEW]
Improve your chances of inflicting already existing status ailments when using skills that inflict a status ailment. Passive skill.
Level 10: Status effect Rate: 20%

Shadow Heart
Increases your Critical Rate and minimum Critical Damage. Passive Skill.
Level 10: Critical Rate: +20%, Minimum Critical Damage: +10%

Notes: Somersault Kick being a skill useful for both jobs was reduced to 10 levels, even though most attack skills are level 20.

Perseverance [NEW]
Recovers HP and MP over time. Passive Skill.
Level 10: Recover 5% HP/MP every 5 sec.

HP Boost
Permanently increases your Max HP. Passive Skill.
Level 10: Max HP +20%

Physical Training
Increases STR and DEX permanently though physical training. Passive Skill.
Level 10: Str +30, Dex +30

Knuckle Booster
Doubles the attack speed of your weapon. Must have knuckles equipped. Active Skill. Requires Knuckle Mastery Level 5
Level 20: MP -11, Duration 200 seconds

Pirate's Mark [NEW]
Level 20: Attack +30 Passive: 10% Critical Rate.
Party Buff, Stacks with other attack buffs.

Uppercut [NEW]
Launch enemies into the air, temporarily weakening them. Active Skill.
Level 20: MP -?, Damage ?%, Monster Defense -?% for ? seconds, Max Monsters Hit: ?
i-frame skill, Low ms cd skill.

Knuckle Mastery
Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of Knuckles. Passive Skill.
Level 20: Knuckle Mastery: +50%, WepAtt +20

Corkscrew Blow
Allows you to run forward and punch multiple monsters at once. Active Skill.
Level 1: MP -20, Damage: 320%, Max Monsters Hit: 3
Level 4: MP -28, Damage: 368%, Max Monsters Hit: 4
Level 11: MP -42, Damage: 480%, Max Monsters Hit: 5
Level 20: MP -60, Damage: 560%, Max Monsters Hit: 8
All: 810ms Old animation, removed charging. iframes = skill duration + 200ms
2015 edit: Maybe while transformed you could chase the nearest enemy even going horizontal with great range? would probably require a skill name change.

Energy Orb (Energy Skill)
Uses a blast of powerful energy to strike a monster. If there are other monsters around the affected monster, they will also be affected by this potent ball of energy. Only available when your energy is fully charged. Active Skill. Requires Energy Charge Level 1
Level 20: Damage: 900%, Max Monsters Hit: 6
Add more range, and bounce range.

Tidal Wave [NEW]
Launch a tidal wave at your enemies pushing them away from you.
Level 20: MP -??, Damage: ???%, Max Monsters Hit: 8, KB: 400
Same as Sharkwave with more vertical range. -200 ms delay

Knockout Punch [NEW]
Punch your enemies with enough force to stun them, also dealing damage over time.
Level 20: 40% chance to stun, Damage: 800%, Max enemies hit: 6
add i-frames

Roll of the Dice
Test your luck! Roll a dice to get a random buff. Roll 1: nothing,
Roll 2: +50% Physical defense, Roll 3: +20% hp and mp, Roll 4: +25% critical rate,
Roll 5: +20% damage, and Roll 6: +50% experience. Active Skill.
Level 20: MP -60, Buff Duration: 180 sec,Cooldown: 200 sec

Level 20: Stun Rate +10%, Weapon DEF: +20%, Magic DEF: +20%, Movement Speed: +40, Jump: +20
Animation: horizontal ^ flowing water with a drip effect and wet ground effect.
Quick note: Stats become passive and the vizual effects toggleable.

Precision Strikes [NEW]
Increases Critical Rate and critical damage. Additional Critical Rate against bosses.
Level 20: Critical Rate: +15%, Critical Damage: +10%, Additional Critical Rate on Bosses: 20%

Energy Charge
A set amount of energy is charged after every attack. When the energy is fully charged, you have a chance to automatically trigger the effects of Body Attack and Stance. This allows you to use energy-related skills. Passive Skill.
Level 1: Energy per Attack: 105 energy, Chance to ignore all enemy defense 1%, ATK +11, Duration: 22 sec, Body Attack Damage: 160%, Knock-back Resistance Rate: 62%
Level 20: Energy per Attack: 200 energy, Chance to ignore all enemy defense 20%, ATK +30, Duration: 60 sec, Body Attack Damage: 350%, Knock-back Resistance Rate: 100%
When attacking bosses double energy per attack
Revamp the animation, keep to the pirate theme.

Stun Mastery
Increases Critical Rate when attacking Stunned enemies. If attacking an enemy who cannot be stunned, inflict the enemy with a Pirate's Mark and retain the same effects if it were stunned.
Level 20: Critical Rate +20% when attacking a stunned enemy, Stun Rate +20%

Summons the souls of pirates past to temporarily increase Attack. Also increases Abnormal Status Resistance, Elemental Resistance, and Knuckle Mastery as passive effects. Passive Skill.
Level 30: MP -45, Duration: 180 sec, ATK +15%. Passive Effects - Knuckle Mastery: 70%, Status/Elemental Resistance: +30%
Get rid of Super Transformation sprite.

Deliver 8 consecutive attacks to a monster by attacking it at blinding speed. Ignores a certain amount of enemy DEF. Active Skill.
Level 30: MP -50, Damage: 440%, DEF Ignored: 20%
Attack speed equivilent to Octopunch
2015 edit: perhaps add a passive damage boost of 540% to Barrage?

Dragon Strike
Summons a sleeping dragon from the depths of the ground damage multiple monsters six times. Active Skill.
Level 30: MP -35, Damage: 400%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, DEF Ignored: 30%
added i-frames, more vertical range, -100 ms delay, added new animation.

Sprint [NEW]
Sprint forward pushing up to 12 enemies in front of you while dealing 500% damage continuously and dealing damage over time.
Level 20: Speed: 275%, Damage: 500%, Damage over time: 500%, Max enemies hit: 10

Storm [NEW]
With the fury of the sea send your enemies to Davy Jones locker.
Level 30: All Monsters are inflicted with slow, become weak to all elements and take 1,000% damage every 10 seconds. Duration: 90 seconds, Cooldown 110 seconds.

Maple Warrior
Increase stats by a certain percentage for everyone in the party. Active Skill.
Level 30: MP -60; all stats +15% for 900 seconds

Pirate's Rage
Cures you from being Seduced. The cooldown decreases as the skill level increases. Active Skill.
Level 5: MP -30, Cooldown: 360 sec

Speed Infusion
Uses HP and MP to double your team's attack speed. This can be combined with other boosters. Active Skill. Requires Knuckle Booster Level 20
Level 20: --40 HP and 40 MP, Duration: 300 sec

Super Transformation
Level 20: Stun Rate +20%, Weapon DEF: +30%, Magic DEF: +30%, Movement Speed: +40, Max movement speed+40
Stats become passive and the vizual effects toggleable.

Time Leap
Resets the cooldown for your skills and your party member's skills. Does not reset the cooldown of Time Leap. Active Skill.
Level: 20

Double Down
Try your luck! Roll two dice, and if both have the same number, you'll receive a very powerful buff. Active Skill.
Level 5: MP -60, 50% chance of rolling a Double Down, Buff Duration: 200 sec, Cooldown: 200 sec

Pirate's Revenge
When attacked, you have a chance to increase your attack damage. The higher the skill level, the longer the buff. Pirate's Revenge can only proc once every 50 seconds. Active Skill.
Level 5: Proc Chance 40%, Damage: 15%, 50% chance of ignoring all enemy DEF Duration: 45 sec

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Pirate / Bucc Revamp ideas Empty Der Synergist

Post  Synergis on 2012-10-14, 11:24 pm

It's ok..but a lot of the stuff in the 3rd-4th job comes off practically god-like. Nobody wants that.
Imagine a game full of phantoms. Oh wait, that happened. And nobody liked it.


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Pirate / Bucc Revamp ideas Empty Re: Pirate / Bucc Revamp ideas

Post  Nivernel on 2012-10-15, 12:29 am

Synergis wrote:It's ok..but a lot of the stuff in the 3rd-4th job comes off practically god-like. Nobody wants that.
Imagine a game full of phantoms. Oh wait, that happened. And nobody liked it.

I don't understand... whats making it god-like? you mean because its overpowered? tell me if I'm wrong but from my view I think your talking about Stun Mastery and the AoE skills Tidal Wave and Storm, also you might be going off about our insane amount of speed boosts. "140% at 3rd job, 180% at 4th job, and an insane skill that allows you to move at 275% speed with limitations." tell me what general style is giving you these vibes, I don't want to make a class people are uncomfortable with. If your worried about Ks'ing maybe I should make another post for that issue, because in my opinion Ks'ing is ENTIRELY another issue on its own.

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Pirate / Bucc Revamp ideas Empty Re: Pirate / Bucc Revamp ideas

Post  Geassblade on 2012-11-05, 10:00 pm

Well, not all of us hated it. I loved it. Empress with lvl 200 phantoms was so easy. Phantom Hatred DEBUNKED.

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Pirate / Bucc Revamp ideas Empty Sigh...

Post  Nivernel on 2015-09-16, 2:32 am

Well it's been 3 years since I made this post and reading it again fills me with so much nostalgia. it also drives me mad that Synergis never told me what looked god-like to him considering I poured days and days of critical thinking into this(I was spending time with my grandfather who had no computer, internet, or other means of modern entertainment. Meaning I could either read books, write things, or draw... funny that I chose to write when writing is one of those things that drives me to theoretical tears(bad learning experience as a child & I still have not figured out how to grip my pencil more loosely...) I did all the math to make sure it didn't have overwhelming differences over other classes, in the end I still thought that Luminous would be the best for mob control, and either Kaiser or Zero for bosses... Though I certainly wanted some eye candy and an unstoppable pirate feeling(and the in-between Bosser/mobber feeling like old times). I can recall the troll that called me out as an "oxymoron" for using the phrase "flash jump-like skill" when I meant "Mobility skill". and at the time you would be mad to have a class without teleport or flash jump (most would complain about how long the character takes to get around)

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Pirate / Bucc Revamp ideas Empty Re: Pirate / Bucc Revamp ideas

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